By josh / June 11, 2013

Win a free Sublime Text license

Note: This contest is over, but I offer it periodically to Sublime Text Tips newsletter subscribers. Sign up here today so you can participate next time:

Sublime Text is a key part of your daily workflow. You couldn’t live without it and the dozens of plugins that let you tweak and customize to your heart’s content.

But there’s that “trial mode” message again, prompting a little stab of guilt.

I should pay for a license.

You’re not a freeloader–you like to support programmers who make the tools you love.

But $70 is a lot to shell out …

I’m giving away a full Sublime Text license this month.

This contest is only for subscribers to my Sublime Weekly newsletter.

Are you going to spam me?

No, I promise not to spam you, and I won’t share your email address with anyone.

You’ll get the free Sublime Weekly newsletter, which includes great Sublime tips and links to helpful articles and plugins I’ve stumbled across. Still not sure? Check out a previous edition.

I’ll also occasionally send updates or announcements about other Sublime Text-related projects I’m working on, like my Sublime Productivity ebook.

But I already get the newletter!

Great, then you’re eligible. No additional steps required!

Will this license cover the Sublime Text 3 upgrade?

Yes, it’ll be good for Sublime Text 3.

I’ve already paid for a Sublime license!

No problem–I’ll reimburse you if you win.

When will you announce the winner?

I’ll announce the winner in the June 27, 2013 edition of the newsletter.

What is the deadline for entering?

The cutoff is midnight Eastern Time (US & Canada) in June 25, 2013.

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