By josh / May 16, 2014

Why Goto Isn’t Evil

In a classic XKCD comic, a programmer debates with himself whether to take the time to refactor his program … or use just goto.

He takes the easy road and …

Gets devoured by a velociraptor.

Yeah, goto takes quite a beating.

For Sublime users, though, Goto is anything but evil–it’s one of the most powerful navigation tools at your disposal.

You can use it to breeze through your project files without ever touching the mouse.

You can use it to jump to a specific line in the current file.

And you can even use it to see a list of indexed symbols in your current file.

Try it out: Open a code file, then click Goto | Goto Symbol ….

The list of items you see in the Goto Symbol quick panel depends on the file you’re editing. If it’s a JavaScript file, you’ll see a list of functions. If you’re editing Markdown, you’ll see section headers–really useful if you’re writing a long blog post or a book.

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