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View your changes live in a browser while you edit in Sublime Text

Miguel writes:

Sometimes I work with the Coda editor on my Mac, and it lets me edit code in a window and at the same time see in an split second window the preview of this file. Can Sublime do this?

I haven’t seen anything that lets you load a preview of an HTML file in a Sublime tab. That’s usually a feature that is reserved for bigger, IDE-style editors like Aptana, Dreamweaver or Visual Studio.

The closest thing I’ve come across for Sublime is the Live Reload plugin (OS X only).

With Live Reload, you can leave a web browser up on the screen while you work in Sublime. Every time you save a change, the web page automatically refreshes–no need to manually switch windows and reload the site.

This is actually much better than previewing in the editor, because those built-in previewers are never quite like a browser. You could leave the browser up on another monitor, or do a split-screen if you’re working on one monitor.

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edu ruiz - August 26, 2014

on windows you can use grunt with livereload to do something like that in the browser, this require some config, I recommend this Chris article to grunt introduction:

you can use browserSync ( to live-reload your css/sass changes in browser on windows with grunt.

on mac, I actually use Codekit ( that require no configuration and do all these stuff…

    edu ruiz - April 13, 2016

    ok, that’s a old comment, just in case someone fall here, now I use gulp with browserSync to this, actually codekit 2 still awesome, but gulp is cross-platform and it is very important to me.

    for gulp tuts, I recommend this gulp post, from zell on css-tricks:

cnc - September 26, 2014

Browser Refresh does this on Windows. I have it set to Window+S.

Adam - April 13, 2016

Personally I use CodeKit (Mac). It handles compiling and does browser auto-refreshing.

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