By josh / May 7, 2014

Skip the package unzip two-step with PackageResourceViewer

Sublime Text 3 brought a lot of welcome improvements to the way packages and plugins are managed, like async plugin loading (blazing speed, anyone?).

But … One change has made my life a little harder on an almost daily basis: Packages and plugins are no longer installed as folders that you can easily browse. Instead, they’re tidy little zip files with a sublime-package extension.

Neat. Unless you want to make changes to a plugin, or view its files…

When I was working on Writing Sublime Plugins, this was a huge annoyance.

Viewing a plugin’s files required a clumsy little squaredance: Open that file manager, browse to the package. Rename the package file to end in .zip. Double-click to unzip and mutter in frustration. Rename the zipped package to eliminate naming conflicts. Double click again and view the files.

I wish I’d known about the PackageResourceViewer plugin.

This plugin allows you to launch a command palette interface and view a list of installed packages, then drill down into the plugin’s files from the same command palette. One nice touch: The file list stays open after you hit Enter to load a file, so you can easily open several at once from the same plugin or package.

PackageResourceViewer is available for Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3, and you can install it via Package Control.

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