By josh / May 6, 2014

Quickly and conveniently edit Sublime Text settings (three killer plugins)

Before I found Sublime, I tended to use Notepad++ on my Windows machines. It’s a very capable editor, if an ugly one.

But let me tell you, one thing that got old in a hurry was setting it up every time I installed it on a new machine. I hated a lot of the defaults (made it look even uglier than it needed to be), so each new installation led to five minutes of click-click-click through dozens of tabs.

By contrast, Sublime’s text-only configuration files were a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to copy and paste my settings (or sync them with Dropbox, as I cover in Sublime Productivity).

Not everyone sees it the same way, though. One of the most common gripes that new Sublime Text users have is Sublime’s lack of a graphical interface for editing preferences.

Here are three plugins to take a little of that pain away. While they don’t don’t add a full preferences GUI, they do make it much easier to edit preferences quickly.

  • Edit Preferences is for Sublime Text 3 only. It allows you to edit preferences and keyboard shortcuts from a quick panel-style interface.
  • Preferences Editor is similar to the previous plugin, minus the keyboard shortcut support. It does have a cool live preview feature–change the font size, see it in the editor panel before you commit to the change. Sublime Text 3 only.
  • Preference Helper supports both Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3. It also has a cool autocomplete feature that fills in the default value of the setting you’re looking to override.

Love plugins? Me too. Go here to learn about more of them:

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