By josh / June 13, 2014

It’s not a Rick Roll, but here’s the second best way to haze the new guy

I started my technical career during the height of the Rick Roll craze.

And being the new guy (and a temp, to boot), I didn’t exactly get the corner office. Nope, I shared a cube cluster with a rowdy bunch of desktop support guys.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to get sucked into Rick Roll battles when everyone else has admin priveledges on your machine?

If I managed to score a point or two, the backlash was merciless.

One time they set my Internet Explorer home page to the Rick Roll video.

Another time they my login sound to the full-length version of “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

They even made some icons on my desktop that looked like my Excel spreadsheets but were really just another way for me to get my daily dose of Rick Astley.

This experience left a deep impression on me, and I look for every opportunity to pay it forward.

One of my favorite ways to hazy the new Sublime Text fan on your team works like this.

Wait for just the right opportunity. Keep an eye on what he’s doing throughout the day. When you walk by his desk, peek at the minimap. Is he editing a file that at least takes up the full height of his 27″ monitor?


Assume a friendly, welcoming expression, and approach him in a casual, non-threatening way.

As you reach his desk, hold your hand out as if to shake. At the last minute, quickly reach over to his keyboard and punch F5. (That’s assuming he’s using OS X. If he’s using Windows, you’ll want F9).

Then run.

P.S. For more useful (if less cruel) Sublime shortcuts and tips, check out:

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