By josh / June 4, 2013

How to troubleshoot broken Sublime Text plugins

Plugins: Great when they work, exasperating when they crash or just silently fail to do your bidding.

While writing the PHP workflow section of Sublime Productivity, I’ve spent a good bit of time configuring and troubleshooting new plugins.

Here are a few tips that have helped me when things didn’t go according to plan:

  • If Sublime is crashing, turn off as many plugins as possible, then re-enable them one at at time. You can toggle plugins on and off individually with the Package Control: Disable Package command.
  • When a plugin just refuses to work, open the Sublime console and look for suspicious messages.
  • Many plugins have a debug setting that prints more info to the console. This can be particularly useful for plugins that depend on external tools like PHP or Node. Look for it in the plugin’s default sublime-settings file.

Plugin of the Week

Come on, ‘fess up: At some point, you’ve copied a list of items into Excel so you can number them.

The [InsertNums plugin][] eliminates the need for that little kludge.

To number a list with InsertNums, select the list, then use Split into Lines to insert a cursor on each line. Press Home to jump to the beginning of each line, then press Ctrl+Alt+N to add ascending numbers to each line.

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