By josh / June 26, 2014

How to select dash-separated words in you CSS files (plus 7 other tips)

Using dashes to separate words in CSS is a great way to make your stylesheets more readable, but there’s a problem: Sublime treats the hyphenated selector as two separate words, which means you can’t double click to select it. Here’s a fix (courtesy of compscientist).

Check out this gorgeous, Yosemite-inspired replacement icon (OS X only). I really like this one. I don’t have Yosemite installed yet, because my Mac is my daily driver at work for iPhone development, and I don’t want to risk installing a beta on it. But I’m tempted to install this icon anyway… (Side note: Does any other popular app have a cottage industry of people creating replacement icons? There are dozens out there for Sublime…)

Here’s a quick read on creating and using snippets. If you like creating your own snippets, I do a deep dive in Sublime Productivity. Check it out here:

These days, 4 spaces seems to be the defacto standard for most coders, but sometimes you’ll stumble across a project that uses 2. You may want to “fix” that JavaScript library before checking it in to your repo. This macro makes it easy to toggle back and forth between 2 and 4 spaces. I happened upon it in a Stack Overflow thread that also includes a couple of other suggestions for dealing with the same issue.

This plugin integrates OS X spell checking into Sublime.. Stumbled across it this week but haven’t tried it out myself yet. It’s apparently broken on ST3 beta build 3049.

If you’re relatively new to Sublime, this article includes a list of 11 excellent plugins. Most of these are well known, but it’s probably worth checking out even if you’re a Sublime vet. You might have missed one. 🙂

Along the same lines, here’s a grab-bag of 25 tips. It includes some good keyboard shortcuts and must-have plugins.

Finally, this is a quick walkthrough on using Sublime to do regex search and replace. If you find yourself needing to figure out a regular expression, Sublime’s realtime display of matches is super helpful.

P.S. Want more tips to improve your Sublime workflow? Go here:

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