By josh / January 29, 2013

How to open Terminal (or PowerShell) from your Sublime project

One feature I miss when using in Sublime is solid support for working at the command line. Wouldn’t it be great if Sublime allowed you to run bash or PowerShell from its popup terminal? Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.

The next best option I’ve found is the Sublime Terminal plugin from Will Bond, creator of the Sublime Package Control plugin.

After you install Sublime Terminal, you can right-click in the editing window to open Terminal or PowerShell in the folder of the file you’re editing, or you can right-click a folder in the side bar to open a command prompt at the selected location.

You can perform the same actions from the keyboard using the following shortcuts.

Open Terminal at Current Location: * Command+Shift+T (Mac OS X) * Ctrl+Shift+T (Windows, Linux)

Open Terminal at Project Root: * Command+Option+Shift+T (Mac OS X) * Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T (Windows, Linux)

The only glitch I’ve found so far is that the plugin doesn’t play nicely with TotalTerminal, the Terminal plugin I use to display the command prompt in a Quake-style visor that I can toggle with a keyboard shortcut. I’ll have to see if I can add this and submit a pull request.

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