By josh / May 21, 2013

How to move a file from the Sublime Text side bar

A few months ago, a reader wrote asking whether there’s an easy way to move files around in the Sublime side bar, since you can’t drag and drop them.

At the time, I suggested using the Reveal command from the SideBarEnhancements plugin to open the folder in Windows Explorer or Finder, then do the reorganization in the file browser. Pretty clumsy.

If you just want to move a single file, though, there’s a better way. Use the Rename or Move commands provided by SideBarEnhancements. Both will create a new directory if you specify one that doesn’t exist.

Rename is a little nicer to work with, as it shows only the file name, not the entire path. To move the foo.txt file to a new subfolder named bar, enter bar/foo.txt.

Rename also works with relative paths. To move the same file back out of the bar directory, enter ../foo.txt.

Hat tip to @mllocs for tweeting about this one.

Plugin of the Week

Sublime Alignment, another plugin by the irrepressible Will Bond, fixes one of my quibbles with Sublime’s multi-select mode.

Since the cursors stop at the end of a line, it’s easy to get them out of sync with each other when editing a group of lines.

Sublime Alignment provides a keyboard shortcut to line them back up. Yay!

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kamal - October 25, 2016

SideBarEnhancements is for ST3 and not working on ST2 !!

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