By josh / May 2, 2014

How to edit your Evernote notes in Sublime Text

Evernote is amazing … and awful at the same time.

On one hand, it’s extremely useful as a collection bucket. You can throw just about anything in there and know that you’ll be able to find it easily. I use the web clipper tool to save articles and ideas for blog posts, and I’ve even started tossing in ebooks and PDFs that I want to keep for reference.

And all that stuff is available from my PC or Macbook, on my iPhone, or anywhere I can get to a computer.

But the experience of writing and editing text in Evernote is … not great. The formatting is limited and glitchy. (It annoys the heck out of me that there’s no easy way to use headers and sub-headers.) There’s no way to set a column width, so I end up with lots of one-line paragraphs that span my entire screen. The keyboard shortcuts are lacking and hard to remember.

I’ve found a solution, though: Edit my Evernote notes directly in Sublime, where I can use Markdown and all of my familiar keyboard shortcuts to fly through my writing tasks.

There are two plugins that make this possible–SublimeEvernote (Sublime Text 2) and Evernote (Sublime Text 3).

Both use the Evernote API to allow you to open notes by searching in a quick panel. You can then edit the note (using Markdown) and send it back to Evernote. You can also create a new note from Sublime and save it to Evernote. Both plugins support editing metadata, such as the note’s title and tags.

The ST3 plugin is based on the ST2 version, but adds a lot of extra features. It’s the one I have installed.

Both are available for installation via Package Control.

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