By josh / May 9, 2014

How one lazy programmer moves files around

These days, my writing workflow is pretty simple.

Don’t get me wrong–like all software developers, I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and writing is no exception.

I’ve tried dozens of different tools and just as many ways to organized my files.

But that all tended to get in the way of, you know, actually writing, so I’ve cut way, way back.

Now I just have a folder for each of my blogs. In that directory, I have a folder named drafts and another named published.

When I finish a blog post and publish it, I move it from drafts to published.

Mind. Blown. (Right?)

I can’t completely stop being a programmer, though, so naturally I’m looking for the easiest way to move files from one folder to the next, preferably without leaving Sublime Text.

So far, my favorite way to shuffle files from folder to folder is a command that’s available when you install the SideBarEnhancements plugin. (I’ve mentioned this one before–it’s definitely near the top of my must-have plugins list.)

As you might have guessed, SideBarEnhancements adds all kinds of goodies to the side bar. But it also makes some of those commands available in the command palette.

One of these, the File: Move command, is a great way to relocate the file you’re editing. It pops open an input panel at the bottom of your Sublime window and populates it with the full path of the current file. Then you just edit the path–in my case I replace the drafts folder name with published and hit Enter.

No fuss.

That does still seem a little like work to me, though, so I’ve toyed with the idea of setting up a custom build action to do something similar …

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kost - August 5, 2015

You can do it even faster: press cmd+shift+p, start typing “Move”, hit enter.

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