By josh / April 28, 2014

Enabling wrap mode in Sublime’s Find, Replace and Find in Files

Newsletter subscriber Turang P. wrote to me a few days ago after the Find feature suddenly got weird on him:

Hi Josh,

Something has happened recently. When I used to use Find to look for something, it would Find until the last instance, then loop around to start from the start.

Now it wont loop and I need to do Find Previous.

Is there a setting that changes this?

This question hits on one of my pet peeves in Sublime’s user interface: The option or mode buttons that appear to the left of search-related panels like Find, Replace and Find in Files.

These buttons use cryptic icons instead of clear labels, and it’s never clear to me whether they’re selected or deselected. To make them even more confusing, most of them are global. If you enable the regular expression setting in Replace, for example, it’ll also be active when you go to use Find later.

These quirks kept me from using Sublime’s search features for quite a while when I first switched to Sublime.

This is definitely one of those cases where icons don’t tell the whole story, and text labels would have been much more effective.

rant mode off

To answer Turang’s specific question, I wrote back that he’d disabled the Wrap setting. This is the icon with the chunky little arrow that loops back on itself (ugh, these icons are so bad I can’t even describe them!). It’s the forth icon from the left when the Find panel is open.

That button needs to be selected to enable wrapping. But is it “selected” when it’s darker or lighter? With the default theme, it’s darker when the button is selected.

Bonus tip: You can hover your mouse cursor over the buttons for a couple of seconds to see their names in a tool tip.

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