By josh / May 16, 2013

Clean up stray HTML tags with this plugin

Dave writes:

When working on HTML, I’ll end up with an extra closing div tag sometimes. I wish there were a quicker way to find it other than manually searching or that Sublime would somehow know when there are too many closing tags present and alert me immediately.

Yeah, I hate this too. At least we’re not worrying about properly nested table tags anymore.

The Tag plugin adds a tag linting feature that makes it easier to track down strays.

With the plugin installed, just launch the Command Palette and enter tag lint. You can check the whole document or highlight a chunk of HTML to limit the error checking to a troublesome bit of markup.

Plugin of the Week

The ElementFinder plugin allows you to search an open HTML document by CSS selectors. Enter a selector and the plugin highlights all matching tags in the document.

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