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Why you should do most of your text editing in Sublime Text

By Dan Bader / December 15, 2016

When 15-year old me decided to become the world’s greatest guitarist my ingenious battle plan looked like this: I’m just going to practice all the genres that I like at the same time. 🎸 That’ll give me maximum exposure and I’ll be able to rock it out in no time. So, off I went and got […]


How to select dash-separated words in you CSS files (plus 7 other tips)

By josh / June 26, 2014

Using dashes to separate words in CSS is a great way to make your stylesheets more readable, but there’s a problem: Sublime treats the hyphenated selector as two separate words, which means you can’t double click to select it. Here’s a fix (courtesy of compscientist). Check out this gorgeous, Yosemite-inspired replacement icon (OS X only). […]


How to learn any keyboard shortcut in Sublime Text

By josh / June 7, 2014

Sublime Text has keyboard shortcuts for almost everything, but it’s sometimes hard to track them down. Here a few strategies that will help you uncover the shortcuts for all of your favorite features. Dedicate a few minutes to browsing through Sublime’s menus. Looking at the menus when you’re not already on a mission to find […]


Where should you keep your Sublime Text projects?

By josh / June 6, 2014

Reader Matt S. wrote me recently because he’s been procrastinating on migrating to a new computer, partly because he isn’t sure how best to transfer his Sublime Text preferences and plugins. This also got him wondering about where he should be keeping his Sublime project files: I tend to keep .sublime-project/.sublime-workspace files close (in the […]


Instant filler text for your mockups and wireframes

By josh / June 4, 2014

Aren’t filler headlines fun to write? They’re even more entertaining when you haven’t slept in 24 hours. When I edited the student newspaper in college, my fellow editors and I would pull an all-nighter every Thursday to get the weekly edition “put to bed.” We’d compete to see who could come up with the most […]


Copy copy copy with this new Sublime feature

By josh / May 22, 2014

I’ll admit it: I’m a copy-paste programmer. That doesn’t mean I spend my time posting “can i haz all teh codez” comments on Stack Overflow. And I don’t just swipe huge swaths of sample code from dodgy-looking blog posts and slap them into a production app. (OK, there was that one time…) But particularly when […]


Who else hates using their mouse?

By josh / May 21, 2014

Remember that scene in Princess Bride? The lithe swordsman unsheathes his weapon and says, not for the last time: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” That about sums up how I feel about my mouse. (And don’t even get me started about trackpads …) One of the best […]


Why Goto Isn’t Evil

By josh / May 16, 2014

In a classic XKCD comic, a programmer debates with himself whether to take the time to refactor his program … or use just goto. He takes the easy road and … Gets devoured by a velociraptor. Yeah, goto takes quite a beating. For Sublime users, though, Goto is anything but evil–it’s one of the most […]


Enabling wrap mode in Sublime’s Find, Replace and Find in Files

By josh / April 28, 2014

Newsletter subscriber Turang P. wrote to me a few days ago after the Find feature suddenly got weird on him: Hi Josh, Something has happened recently. When I used to use Find to look for something, it would Find until the last instance, then loop around to start from the start. Now it wont loop […]


Enabling wrap mode in Sublime Text’s find

By josh / April 21, 2014

Subscriber Turang P. wrote to me a few days ago after the Find feature suddenly got weird on him: Hi Josh, Something has happened recently. When I used to use Find to look for something, it would Find until the last instance, then loop around to start from the start. Now it wont loop and […]


How to apply custom settings to Ruby files (or any language) in Sublime Text

By josh / January 9, 2014

Like any good coder, you’re particular about your code formatting—and that includes white space. You have one preferred indentation style for Ruby and CoffeeScript (two spaces, please) but would rather use four spaces to indent CSS and plain JavaScript. Sublime’s syntax-specific settings make it easy to override your default preferences for any file type. To […]


Three hidden copy-and-paste gems in Sublime Text

By josh / November 16, 2013

Copy. Paste. Those shortcuts are so hardwired into your muscle memory that you probably never think about them. But Sublime Text adds a few nuances to these familiar commands that are worth learning. Cutting and copying entire lines. If you want to cut or copy a single line of text, you don’t need to select […]


Improve your git workflow with this new Sublime Text 3 feature

By josh / October 26, 2013

You’re scowling at your screen, puzzling through a knotty optimized algorithm, when the QA lead abruptly interrupts. “We just filed a bug against that feature you added last week. Can you take a look now so we can greenlight tomorrow’s release?” So much for that productive afternoon you were hoping for. With a sigh, you […]


Overriding Sublime’s default syntax highlighting

By josh / September 5, 2013

Sublime does a decent job of guessing what syntax highlighting to apply when you open a file, but it can’t quite read your mind. (Although I’m thinking of submitting a UserEcho request for ST4 … anybody with me?) So it has no way of knowing that you want .txt files to always open with Markdown […]


Make Goto Anything even more awesome with this simple trick

By josh / August 15, 2013

Goto Anything lets you open any file in a project with just a few keystrokes—it’s undeniably one of Sublime’s best features. But it gets better. You can combine Sublime’s file-specific Goto commands like Goto Line and Goto Symbol with Goto Anything to instantly navigate to any line of code in your project. You know how […]


How to wrap selected code with a snippet in Sublime Text

By josh / June 26, 2013

Reader Simon asks: What is the easiest way to wrap some existing code in an if statement, preferably using built-in Sublime features? Snippets are the way to go here, but not all snippets support wrapping existing code. Simon didn’t mention what language he’s interested in, so for this example we’ll look at the JavaScript if […]


How to troubleshoot broken Sublime Text plugins

By josh / June 4, 2013

Plugins: Great when they work, exasperating when they crash or just silently fail to do your bidding. While writing the PHP workflow section of Sublime Productivity, I’ve spent a good bit of time configuring and troubleshooting new plugins. Here are a few tips that have helped me when things didn’t go according to plan: If […]

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