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How to open Terminal (or PowerShell) from your Sublime project

By josh / January 29, 2013

One feature I miss when using in Sublime is solid support for working at the command line. Wouldn’t it be great if Sublime allowed you to run bash or PowerShell from its popup terminal? Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment. The next best option I’ve found is the Sublime Terminal plugin from Will Bond, […]


How to automatically run a build when you save a file in Sublime

By josh / January 22, 2013

Last week we talked about creating a custom Sublime Text build system that allows you to run a command line tool or script on demand. That’s convenient, but wouldn’t it be great if your build command ran automatically whenever you modified a file? Setting this up is simple. First, install the SublimeOnSaveBuild plugin from Package […]


Compile with a keystroke using Sublime’s build systems

By josh / January 13, 2013

This week I received an email from a reader, Derek, who’s working on a project that uses LESS to generate CSS. Derek is using the Windows version of Sublime Text and wants to use a PowerShell script to compile his LESS code. (PowerShell is Microsoft’s answer to bash—a huge improvement over cmd.exe). This is simple […]


Save your clicks by taking charge of Sublime’s menus

By josh / January 5, 2013

Even though I love the keyboard shortcuts and command palette in Sublime Text, I still occasionally find myself using the menus. Usually this happens when I’m already using the mouse to browse and open file arbitrary files in Finder or Windows Explorer. But performing some tasks from the menus can be a pain. For example, […]


3 Tips to Make Sublime’s Find and Replace Your Best Friend

By josh / December 31, 2012

I’ll admit it: The first few times I tried Sublime Text’s find and replace features, they felt foreign and seemed quirky and unreliable. Sometimes I’d outright fail to find any results only to later stumble across the exact term I’d searched for while scrolling through the file manually. But I finally sat down and played […]


How to track down shortcuts in Sublime

By josh / December 23, 2012

Sublime Text has keyboard shortcuts for almost everything, but it’s sometimes hard to track them down. Here a few strategies that will help you uncover the shortcuts for all of your favorite features. First of all, dedicate a few minutes browsing through Sublime’s menus. Looking at the menus when you’re not already on a mission […]


Zero Friction Blogging with Sublime Text

By josh / December 2, 2012

I’m spoiled by good text editors. After spending eight hours a day zipping through code files at work using only my keyboard, I can’t settle for a less when it’s time to crank out a blog post. I’m also a firm believer in using plain text formats. Writing is a lot of work, and I […]


How to fine tune your environment with Sublime’s project-specific settings

By josh / November 20, 2012

Text editors are very personal, and if you’re like me, you probably have a favorite set of configurations that you’ve refined and honed through hours of fiddling and experimentation. But writing software is a team effort, and with each new team member comes a different set of preferences. It’s galling to have to modify your […]


Use Find to Look Up Keyboard Shortcuts

By josh / October 4, 2012

Sublime has tons of keyboard shortcuts that aren’t shown in the menus, and the bindings often differ between operating systems. There’s no built-in quick reference that shows all of the default keyboard shortcuts — or is there? Keyboard shortcuts, or key bindings in Sublime’s terminology, are defined in OS-specific settings files. The default settings file […]


Get 20% discount on new Sublime Text ebook

By josh / September 27, 2012

The beta release of  Sublime Productivity, an ebook for Sublime Text 2 users, was published today, and Sublime Text Tips readers can get a 20% discount for the next 24 hours. To receive the 20% discount, enter coupon code SUBLIMETEXTTIPS at checkout. The discount is valid through September 28, 2012. The beta release includes nearly 50 pages of examples, walkthroughs and keyboard […]


Sublime Text ebook beta launches Thursday

By josh / September 25, 2012

 Sublime Productivity, an ebook for Sublime Text 2 users, is launching in beta at 1 p.m. on Thursday, September 27. The beta release includes more than 50 pages of examples, walkthroughs and keyboard mappings, including in-depth coverage of: Common editing tasks like sorting items, joining lines, transposing words and commenting code Precision selection with Sublime’s multi-select […]


Quick Tip: Fold HTML tag attributes while editing cluttered docs

By josh / September 21, 2012

The Fold Tag Attributes command is a lifesaver when you’re editing cluttered HTML and XML documents. By hiding each tag’s attributes, it brings the structure and content of your document to the fore when you’re looking for missing tags or editing a piece of content in a document with horrendous inline styling (shudder). To invoke […]


Sublime’s dynamic duo: Quick Add Next and Quick Skip Next

By josh / September 4, 2012

Two of Sublime Text’s more unique editing commands, Quick Add Next and Quick Skip Next, make a powerhouse duo if used together. The first of these, Quick Add Next, is an excellent replacement for simple find-and-replace type changes, especially when you want to limit the changes to a subsection of the file. When you select […]


Using Sublime Text’s amazing multiple selections

By josh / July 28, 2012

Multi-select Multiple cursor mode is one of Sublime Text’s most distinctive features, and it’s a huge productivity booster. To illustrate how useful this feature can be, let’s take a look at some simple editing scenarios using the following HTML list: If I want to add a CSS class element of tv-shows in most text editors, […]


Selecting blocks of text with Sublime Text 2

By josh / July 28, 2012

Selecting the text inside of a set of matching parentheses, brackets or curly braces is a common text editing action for most programmers. Using the mouse or hitting Shift+Arrow gets the job done, but it’s really clumsy. Sublime Text 2 offers a much more sophisticated tool: scoped text selection. Scoped selection allows you to repeatedly […]


Best plugins for Sublime Text 2

By josh / July 22, 2012

One of the best things about Sublime Text 2 is the hundreds of available plugins that loyal fans have written. Here’s a list of some that you should install today. Package Control If you haven’t set up the Package Control plugin, go do it. Right now. Package Control allows you to browse and install hundreds […]


7 handy text manipulation tricks in Sublime Text 2

By josh / June 11, 2012

Note: Get this free download and see how to improve your productivity with Sublime Text (plus free email tips). One of my favorite things about using Sublime Text 2 is that it rarely leaves me pining for other text editors. Sublime incorporates most of the must-have features I’ve come to expect from an editor. Text […]


Stop hand coding, start Zen Coding

By josh / May 30, 2012

This week at my day job my coding partner and I tackled a straightforward but tedious backlog item: writing an XSLT stylesheet to transform an in-memory representation of a customer’s bill into an HTML version for display on our site. We decided that a logical first step would be to create a static HTML representation […]

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