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These two plugins make Sublime’s side bar a whole lot more useful

By josh / April 12, 2014

Lately at my day job, I’ve been doing a lot of iPhone development. We’re a .NET shop, so we’re using a set of tools created by a company called Xamarin that allow us to write iOS and Android apps in C#. The technology is incredible, and I have nothing but respect for the Xamarin team, […]


Two of your favorite tools, joined in quasi-perfect harmony

By josh / April 5, 2014

In the two years I’ve been writing about Sublime Text, one question has come up over and over: “Can I run a terminal inside of Sublime?” Sublime doesn’t support this natively, and there were no plugins available that allowed you to run terminal commands without leaving the comfort of the editor. Until last week, that […]


How to easily get the path of the file you’re editing in Sublime Text

By josh / March 29, 2014

I got an email recently from Jesse, a subscriber who says he “pretty much lives in Sublime.” Still, he had a minor bone to pick: Often I’ll need to do something in the command line with the file I’m currently in. There’s no convenient way (that I’m aware of) to copy the full path to […]


If you do CSS, you *have* to install this plugin *right now*

By josh / March 26, 2014

I’m building a website for a client of mine. The site is aimed at people nearing retirement age, and I initially picked out a color scheme that used a lot of muted earth tones. But … He decided he wants a brighter color palette. His exact words were, “We old people need cheering up.” That […]


This one simple Sublime Text tweak makes copying and pasting code a breeze

By josh / March 20, 2014

Pasting code from another file or from a sample you find on the Internet is a constant annoyance. The indentation levels hardly ever line up, so a quick copy-and-paste becomes an arduous formatting session. And even if the indentation levels happen to match, chances are you didn’t select the leading whitespace, so you still have […]


How to execute a command every time Sublime launches

By josh / February 20, 2014

Maybe you like to work with Sublime in full screen or distraction free mode, and the first thing you do when you open it is switch to your preferred display style. Maybe you share your settings between several computers and wish that Sublime was smart enough to change a few settings depending on your operating […]


Show your current file in the Sublime Text side bar

By josh / February 1, 2014

You settle into your chair with your morning coffee and take a look at your next task. Ah, good. Just a quick bug fix to the user account management page. You expertly fire the shortcut for Sublime’s Go to Anything command and type users.php … Wait, why are there two copies? I thought we deleted […]


How to show whitespace in Sublime Text

By josh / January 25, 2014

There’s one every team: That one guy who’s taken the wrong side in the eternal Tabs vs. Space Debate. Perhaps he doesn’t know any better. It’s possible he just hasn’t bothered to set up his text editor. Or maybe, you suspect darkly, he knows and does it on purpose… Whatever the reason, his commits are […]


Formatting HTML with Sublime Text

By josh / January 18, 2014

It’s almost quitting time, and the only thing standing between you and a relaxing evening is the one task you’ve been avoiding all day: Posting photos from the employee recognition dinner on the company intranet site. A simple enough task, it would seem. But “intranet” is such a lofty term to apply to that rats […]


Switch projects without browsing in Sublime Text

By josh / January 12, 2014

Sublime’s project files are a lifesaver. Just by adding a folder to your project you can instantly open anything in the folder with the magic of Goto Anything. But that convenience is enough to make you resent having to dig around in your file manager every time you need to switch gears and work on […]


Easily view files modified since your last commit (without leaving Sublime)

By josh / January 11, 2014

After your editor, your version control tool is probably the second most important tool you use in your day to day work. Anything that helps these two tools work seamlessly together can improve your productivity–and make writing code more fun. One of the sweetest version control plugins for Sublime that I’ve seen in a while […]


How to apply custom settings to Ruby files (or any language) in Sublime Text

By josh / January 9, 2014

Like any good coder, you’re particular about your code formatting—and that includes white space. You have one preferred indentation style for Ruby and CoffeeScript (two spaces, please) but would rather use four spaces to indent CSS and plain JavaScript. Sublime’s syntax-specific settings make it easy to override your default preferences for any file type. To […]


Three hidden copy-and-paste gems in Sublime Text

By josh / November 16, 2013

Copy. Paste. Those shortcuts are so hardwired into your muscle memory that you probably never think about them. But Sublime Text adds a few nuances to these familiar commands that are worth learning. Cutting and copying entire lines. If you want to cut or copy a single line of text, you don’t need to select […]


Win a free Sublime Text 3 license

By josh / November 5, 2013

Note: This contest is over, but I offer it periodically to subscribers on my email list. Jump onboard here: http://sublimetexttips.com/newsletter Sublime Text is a key part of your daily workflow. You couldn’t live without it and the dozens of plugins that let you tweak and customize to your heart’s content. But there’s that “trial mode” […]


Improve your git workflow with this new Sublime Text 3 feature

By josh / October 26, 2013

You’re scowling at your screen, puzzling through a knotty optimized algorithm, when the QA lead abruptly interrupts. “We just filed a bug against that feature you added last week. Can you take a look now so we can greenlight tomorrow’s release?” So much for that productive afternoon you were hoping for. With a sigh, you […]


Overriding Sublime’s default syntax highlighting

By josh / September 5, 2013

Sublime does a decent job of guessing what syntax highlighting to apply when you open a file, but it can’t quite read your mind. (Although I’m thinking of submitting a UserEcho request for ST4 … anybody with me?) So it has no way of knowing that you want .txt files to always open with Markdown […]


Get unlost with Sublime’s new Jump Back and Jump Forward commands

By josh / August 24, 2013

It’s easy to get lost when you’re navigating code. You’re working your way down a trail of function calls, skimming, scanning, getting the lay of the land, when … Bam. One wrong keystroke and you’re in the middle of an unfamiliar file, buried deep in who-knows-what folder. The new Jump Back and Jump Forward commands […]


Make Goto Anything even more awesome with this simple trick

By josh / August 15, 2013

Goto Anything lets you open any file in a project with just a few keystrokes—it’s undeniably one of Sublime’s best features. But it gets better. You can combine Sublime’s file-specific Goto commands like Goto Line and Goto Symbol with Goto Anything to instantly navigate to any line of code in your project. You know how […]


Quick text cleanup with Sublime’s new Invert Selection command

By josh / July 30, 2013

Sublime Text 3 introduces the new Invert Selection command, and by combining it with multi-select or regular expressions and a little creativity, you can quickly accomplish tasks like zapping unwanted lines in a data file or stripping HTML tags from a block of text. Invert Selection is useful in scenarios where you want to delete […]

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