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Taking the mystery out of creating your own Sublime Text color scheme

By josh / May 20, 2014

Everybody loves a good color scheme. Whenever I tweet about a new color scheme someone has cooked up, it gets tons of attention. If you’ve ever taken a peek at a Sublime color scheme file, though, or summoned the courage to try to make some changes, you know it’s not easy to customize the way […]


Will you make this productivity-killing mistake today?

By josh / May 19, 2014

One common lament I hear from readers is, “I love Sublime–I just wish I could remember all those keyboard shortcuts!” Maybe you feel that way sometimes. You’ll be cruising along, coding “in the zone,” and you might use Goto Symbol to jump to another section of your file to make a quick change. Now you […]


Why Goto Isn’t Evil

By josh / May 16, 2014

In a classic XKCD comic, a programmer debates with himself whether to take the time to refactor his program … or use just goto. He takes the easy road and … Gets devoured by a velociraptor. Yeah, goto takes quite a beating. For Sublime users, though, Goto is anything but evil–it’s one of the most […]


Prevent copy-and-paste rage with this quick Sublime Text tweak

By josh / May 15, 2014

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You go to copy a block of code. It’s a big block–a couple hundred lines, maybe. Enough that getting just what you wanted is a bit of a pain, involving much clicking and dragging. Whew, got it. Ctrl-C You tab over to the destination file, find […]


How to bulk rename files without losing your sanity

By josh / May 14, 2014

Have you ever found yourself needing to rename a bunch of files? Like maybe you have a folder full of photos, and you’d like to rename them to something more descriptive than DSC_2635.jpg, DSC_2636.jpg, and so on. Or maybe you have a list of folders that were sequentially numbered … until you deleted one and […]


This plugin makes Sublime’s multi-select even more awesome

By josh / May 13, 2014

Multi-select is one of Sublime’s killer features, so I was pretty excited this week when I stumbled on a new plugin that adds some nice refinements. MultiEditUtils is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that allows you to: Jump your cursors to the end of the selections, even if you made the selection “backwards” (I do […]


Rousting the Vim mafia

By josh / May 12, 2014

“what is this ~~ bulls*** ~~” I was getting ready for bed one evening, when my buddy Derick Bailey emailed me a screen cap of the above message, pulled from his Twitter feed. The angry reaction was from Tim Pope, a longtime Vim advocate and author of several excellent and useful Vim plugins. Tim was […]


How one lazy programmer moves files around

By josh / May 9, 2014

These days, my writing workflow is pretty simple. Don’t get me wrong–like all software developers, I have a tendency to overcomplicate things, and writing is no exception. I’ve tried dozens of different tools and just as many ways to organized my files. But that all tended to get in the way of, you know, actually […]


“My favourite part is receiving emails telling me how grateful they are”

By josh / May 8, 2014

James Brooks has written several plugins, including one I’ve used and written about previously, InsertNums, that makes it easy to quickly add a sequence of incrementing numbers. (You can finally stop numbering your BASIC by hand!) I asked him to share some of what he’s learned in the process. Here’s what he had to say […]


Skip the package unzip two-step with PackageResourceViewer

By josh / May 7, 2014

Sublime Text 3 brought a lot of welcome improvements to the way packages and plugins are managed, like async plugin loading (blazing speed, anyone?). But … One change has made my life a little harder on an almost daily basis: Packages and plugins are no longer installed as folders that you can easily browse. Instead, […]


How to edit your Evernote notes in Sublime Text

By josh / May 2, 2014

Evernote is amazing … and awful at the same time. On one hand, it’s extremely useful as a collection bucket. You can throw just about anything in there and know that you’ll be able to find it easily. I use the web clipper tool to save articles and ideas for blog posts, and I’ve even […]


So what does it take to write a top 100 Sublime Text plugin?

By josh / May 1, 2014

Before I knew any better, I used to write the HTML for my blog posts by hand. Yeah, I could have done the markup in the WordPress editor, but I did a lot of my blogging while sitting in a stifling hot bus, commuting to my former job in downtown Pittsburgh. So, no Internet. And […]


Three gorgeous, flat Sublime Text themes (I think you’ll love these)

By josh / April 30, 2014

I remember my very first impression of Sublime Text, and it wasn’t a positive one. I’d been hearing a lot about how fast and beautiful it was, so I finally broke down and installed the trial. But when I first launched it, “beautiful” wasn’t the first thing that jumped to mind. It’s all a matter […]


Enabling wrap mode in Sublime’s Find, Replace and Find in Files

By josh / April 28, 2014

Newsletter subscriber Turang P. wrote to me a few days ago after the Find feature suddenly got weird on him: Hi Josh, Something has happened recently. When I used to use Find to look for something, it would Find until the last instance, then loop around to start from the start. Now it wont loop […]


Enabling wrap mode in Sublime Text’s find

By josh / April 21, 2014

Subscriber Turang P. wrote to me a few days ago after the Find feature suddenly got weird on him: Hi Josh, Something has happened recently. When I used to use Find to look for something, it would Find until the last instance, then loop around to start from the start. Now it wont loop and […]


How to tell if a plugin is Sublime Text 3 compatible

By josh / April 19, 2014

After my email last week about the SyncedSideBar plugin, reader Keith W. replied with an observation: Are you sure that SyncedSidebar is ok for Sublime 3 ? cos it just says a plugin for Sublime 2 Sure enough, if you search for SyncedSideBar in Package Control, you see: Sublime Text 2 plugin to sync project […]


How to change the default UI fonts in Sublime Text

By josh / April 19, 2014

It’s easy enough to change the type face and size of the fonts in Sublime’s editor window. But now that you’ve bumped that font up so it’s not microscopic on your retina MacBook, suddenly the menus, side bar and command palette smaller than ever. While it’s not as convenient as going from Melano to Inconsolata, […]

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