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Hey, I’m Dan and I love helping developers take their coding skills and productivity to the next level. I’m an independent software engineer, productivity nut, author, and speaker. Check out my Python tutorials and videos.


Don’t Make This Code Review Mistake

By Dan Bader / December 22, 2016

Ever introduced code reviews to an existing code base? It can be awesome, or pure hell – On that nice Vancouver morning I sat down with a fresh cup of coffee, ready to dig in and give some feedback on a fix we wanted to ship before the end of the sprint. When I loaded […]


Why you should do most of your text editing in Sublime Text

By Dan Bader / December 15, 2016

When 15-year old me decided to become the world’s greatest guitarist my ingenious battle plan looked like this: I’m just going to practice all the genres that I like at the same time. 🎸 That’ll give me maximum exposure and I’ll be able to rock it out in no time. So, off I went and got […]


Getting fired for a debug “print” statement?

By Dan Bader / December 8, 2016

Did I ever tell you about that one time I took down the customer portal for a seven figure SaaS business with an accidental debug print statement? It was easily one of my most uncomfortable moments in my developer career. I had just joined this team maintaining and building a big Python web app that […]